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Why we might be seeing the end of social media as we know it.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I know, that’s a pretty bold statement considering most research shows that as of 2020 over 3.6 BILLION people are using social media worldwide. But I think we are at the very early stages of seeing a big shift, and ultimately death, of big social media as we know it now.

The biggest players

Currently, social media seems to be dominated by the big three, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Naturally, there are a whole bunch of other options, TikTok, Reddit, and so many others, but for this article, I’m just going to use the “big three” as our example.

When they first made their splash, these social media giants were exactly as the name implies, a place to socialize with your friends and family. A great way to personally keep in touch with people you may not have otherwise. …

Why “writing what you know” is stifling your growth as a writer. Here’s a better way to see true growth and find your writing voice.

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Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

One of the most common bits of advice I’ve seen for people trying to learn and grow as a writer, well aside from “write every day”, is that you should write what you know. But if you’re looking to learn and grow as a writer, this is actually incredibly bad advice.

What does it mean to “write what you know”?

For most of us we think about those things we feel we have some level of expertise with already. Maybe we are competent photographers, so writing articles about different aspects of your approach to photography is writing what you know. Or, maybe you have spent a lifetime baking with your Mom and so writing articles about your favorite recipes and moments in the kitchen would be writing what you know. …

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On a recent episode of Creative Pep Talk Podcast, there is a snippet of conversation in which they talk about the significance of a pin that the guest is wearing that says “I have seen the future”.

Go listen to the episode, I’ve linked it above.

But the gist is that these pins were created back in 1939–40, amidst complete world turmoil with the Great Depression and World War II, as a memento of an exhibit at the Worlds Fair. …

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I heard a line the other day that has really stuck with me. The context of where I heard it isn’t really important, but the line was:

“Sometimes you hear things and think… that’s UNBELEIVABLE” -Dave Matthews

I’m a pretty observant person. Photography has allowed me to really take notice of things around me, things that most people don’t ever see as they go about their day.

Those little moments where the light is just right, dancing across a wall in the morning. Or moments when certain colors or patterns line up in an interesting way.

But, I realized after hearing that line that I’ve become very visually observant. However, often times I’m not observing things that are said by others. …

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Some day I’d like to make something amazing.

I enjoy seeing all of the amazing work that my friends are making. Incredible work ranging from physical items crafted by hand to brilliant bodies of photography/video work.

Then I look at what I’ve made, what I’ve shared, what I have “coming up soon for release”… and it’s just not AMAZING on that same level.

Sure, I remind myself not to compare my work to their highlight reel. But I also look at my proverbial “highlight reel” and, well, it’s very forgettable.

So, I think and plan. Searching for a thread running through things I’ve already made and how it may tie into things I’m working on currently. …

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Everyone wants to build a style. Build their unique brand. Find a way to stand out.

We stress over it, struggle with comparing our work to the work of others we look up to. Try to “discover” an approach to our work that is going to let people look at us and say they can see our unique style.

Why do we waste our time on this?

I saw a great quote from the always amazing Dave Grohl.

“No two musicians sound the same.”

Dave Grohl

It’s true. Even if you sat them down and let them play the exact same instruments, one after the other, they will sound different. …

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As a photographer, it wasn’t always obvious why I needed to learn how to write well. After all, a good image should stand on its own, shouldn’t it? We shouldn’t have to explain the photo to a viewer if we’ve done our job in crafting our photograph.

To a certain degree, this is true. The photograph needs to be able to speak to a viewer. Story elements that we want to convey should be carefully arranged and presented so that the viewer can more easily connect with the deeper meaning behind the photo.

I also know that there are MANY of you that completely recoil in disgust at the idea of writing any sort of caption, let alone even placing a title, on your work. It’s why, when you study so much of the history of photography, you’ll find really big name artists using titles on their photos like “Untitled 046”. …

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How many times have you hit play on a favorite movie or album? We’ve all done it, for our favorites, probably a thousand times. But when was the last time to hit play with the intention of really studying what it is you’re watching or listening to?

I’ve long admired and enjoyed film and album reviews. I always thought it would be amazing fun to be able to get paid to watch movies or listen to albums with a critical eye. Spend time breaking down the good, bad, and ugly of a particular piece of cinema or music.

Over the years I’ve read so many movie and album reviews in magazines like Rolling Stone, on websites, and even tons of YouTube and podcast style reviews. Of course, as with any critic, it’s always a bit of a crap shoot on if I agree or not, but that’s not the point. …

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I’ve been writing on blogs in some format since back in 2006 and while I may not be “well known” or “famous” as a blogger or writer, I’ve learned a few things along the way.

The biggest problem I see with so many people, myself included as I went on this journey all those years ago, is that we let the idea of writing an article intimidate us.

It’s not surprising really. We spend all those years in school learning to write papers for teachers in which we had to be comprehensive. …

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Art by Robert Adragha

While often set aside as a frivolous hobby, Science Fiction is anything but. I’d go so far as to say it may be one of the smartest, most important art forms we have.

Now before you roll your eyes any further back in your head, let me share a few things with you about why I’m positive this is the case.

Science Fiction, or simply sci-fi, is all just about aliens, action, adventures, and essentially fantasies of nerdy geeks that don’t have a social life.

The truth is that yes, sci-fi DOES often take place in far fetched locations such as other planets or outer space, there ARE aliens or mysterious creatures and robots. Often times action and adventure is present, but not always. But these stories are often far from any sort of fantasy. …

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